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organ 20 notes

small 20 notes organ

small price

small 20 notes organ M20
These 20 keyless instruments have a fine, full-bodied tone. Pipework consists of 10 "Magic Flute" (Pan pipes) and 10 Gedackt (stopped wood) pipes.
Standard 20s music roll.

Bottom note G / Measures: 38/30/47 cm - 9.6 kg

Busker organ 20

best price

With strap and handle on side for busking use. Pipework consists of 10 "Magic Flute" (Bamboo pan pipes) and 10 stopped wood pipes. Very nice and deep sound

Bottom note F / Measures: 37/27/41cm - 7,6 kg

Violinopan 20er

Dorin van Rhee mit VP20

Violinopan 20

An uncomplicated organ with a rich sound which can be alternated by means of the stop knobs between the 10 Pan Pipes, or the 10 Violin pipes. The remaining pipework consists of Gedackt pipes, and the three bass pipes are doubled at the octave below, giving added sonority and grandeur.

Bottom note F / Measures: 50/38/45 cm - 17,5 kg

Little Trompete T20

Trumpet 20/67

5 stops/67 pipes/ full doubles bass / Black forests intarsis/very compact 20 notes organ / typical Berlin sound / and and and

Bottom note F / Measures 50 x 42,5 x 63 cm

......and particularly easy to get at wood trumpets

21,0 kg

Our organs are practically free of wear and tear, and require little in the way of maintenance, apart of course from occasional tuning.

Should any repair be required, then that can easily be done by a quailfied organbuilder,
who will need no special tools.

However, all Stuber Organs are guarenteed, and provided that the Instrument has not been ignorantly tampered with, we will repair any fault in our factory. The cost of carriage to and from the factory to be borne by the Customer.